Episode 12 – Dave Hintz : Korea’s Blondest Blonde

Dave Hintz

Comedian Dave Hintz travelled to Korea and stayed with some locals to take in the scene. He spent his days learning the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius, playing poker in an old warehouse, and learning that being blonde isn’t always a ticket to […]

Episode 11 – Panama’s Finest

Al spend almost a year in Panama. He found his “Shtick”, playing music at bars and restaurants to pay his way. His experiences in Central America are hilarious, outrageous, and helpful to anyone planning on visiting that part of the world!! 

Episode 10 – Ten Episodes Down!


Every ten episodes, we’ll take a look at some stories sent in by friends of the show who want to share their misadventures! It’s tough doing a solo show, and I promise they’ll get better with practice! Among the stories shared this week are […]

Episode 9 – John Romanoff’s Hilarious Heidelberg Hijinks

John Romanoff

John Romanoff was voted the funniest comic in New England in 2012! But before he ever took the stage, he was a mischievous private in the U.S. army. He and his friends got into all types of trouble while stationed in Germany, and […]

Episode 8 – Dave Down Under


My good buddy Dave has been all over the world! In fact, he has been living in America for over four years after growing up in England, so every day he gets to experience life in a foreign country. We talk about his experiences […]

Episode 7 – Pat Oates: The White Trash Whisperer

pat oates comedyComedian Pat Oates joins us to tell some hilarious stories from the road. Pat has traveled all over the country, putting on shows for audiences from massive theaters to dingy dive bars. His time on the road has sharpened his material, and […]

Episode 6 – Matt Walley: American Ninja

matt walley comedy

Matt Walley traveled to Japan after college and wound up with some amazing stories and excellent travel tips! He was able to immerse himself in a unique and rich culture while getting a grasp on his own.  You can find Matt on twitter at […]

Episode 5 – Phuket Dude, Let’s Play Ping Pong

Danielle spent thirty days in Thailand and got to experience the whole range of what Southeast Asia has to offer. From Thai cooking lessons to playing with elephants and tigers to partying on the beach, she learned what it takes to have an adventure in a very special part of the world!
WARNING her […]

Not For Sale Campaign

not for sale campaignIn episode five I interviewed my good friend Danielle who spent 30 days in Thailand. She spent several days in Phuket, which is known for its wild parties, beautiful beaches, and – unfortunately – sex tourism. 

Sex tourism […]

Episode 4 – Cezar Ostrowski Summers in Poland

Cezar Ostrowski is a comedian based out of Connecticut. Growing up, his parents would ship him off to Poland every summer. As a result, he’s go some really great stories about growing up in a foreign land. You can find him on twitter at @CezarGotJokes. Get out and support live comedy […]